Project Description

Project Scope

UI/UX, Product Design, Concept Design

Tackling the lack of engagement with smart voice AI technologies amongst the young demographic of mobile phone users. “Kid-friendly” interface design aimed to increase user experience and create a sense of fun while using smart voice AI technologies by talking to Marvel heroes. Resulting in a more inviting and rewarding experience as compared to Siri or Google Assistant.

Simple user interface meant to create a smooth experience for youth. Alongside the easy to use feel of the app, Marvel heroes are used to create interest based on personal preference.


The app mockup was created with the focus that the main user was younger. This thus transformed certain elements of the app as simpler interfaces were designed with less focus on buttons and design, and more focus on functionality and ease of use. The main point was meant to be that MarvelBuddy entices and gets youth starting to be more engaged with and using voice AI technologies such as SIRI and Google Assistant.

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