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Project Scope

Web Development, Brand Identity, Product Design, Concept Design


Light Well’s identity development started and ended with one thing: eco-friendly modernity. The objective of this concept design was to brand the lighting fixture company with a modern aesthetic.


Elegance but with a touch of sleek and modern. Serif font “Georgia” gives titles and product names a distinction and elegant touch, while sans-serif “Verdana” brings a readable and sleek flair to the text descriptions.


The final website developed was made through HTML and CSS, and the elements highlighted were with an eco-friendly and modern focus. The fictitious company of Light Well had a website designed and developed, with a products page as well. The style guide created consisted of a sans serif and serif font, and the colours used were to portray elegance, simplicity, and modernity. The UI and UX as well were developed with simplicity and elegance at the forefront, making all the interactions on the site seamless and clean.

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