Creative Direction.

At Madwharf, we specialize in making your brand come to life. Don’t let poor branding prevent you from growing your company/business. Our specialty is in growing your brand, and we are excited to get started and help right away.

Logo Design.

A logo is more than just an image. It is a symbol that represents the entirety of your brand and company. At Madwharf, we are specialists in knowing what it takes to make a good logo, and the theory that goes behind it. Don’t let a bad logo affect your business and company.

Brand Identity.

Branding/Brand identity is how your brand sticks in people’s minds, and in that split second, convinces them to buy or not buy what you’re selling. Branding is important as it creates brand loyalty, a respectable image, and professionalism. At Madwharf, we have worked with many different companies and brands and have helped them create an image for themselves.

WordPress Development.

WordPress is the simplest web design and web hosting solution for your business. At Madwharf we are experts in WordPress development, and can help extend and create your brand and digital presence online. Ranging from 1 page websites, to a full multi page site, we can do it all and will stop at nothing to make your online presence stronger.

Digital Design Pirates.

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At Madwharf, we do more than just design and digital marketing -- We create personal identities, craft presence, and build relations with our clients. This allows us to build a tailored approach to suit your business needs.

Story Tellers.

Our personalized content and marketing strategies are custom built to help aid your specific business grow. Our marketing materials will set you apart from the competition, and help create a long lasting impression with your customers.


Through our creative direction and digital marketing services, we create an effective presence online for you. With technology growing as fast as it is, content strategy and design have to be dynamic. At Madwharf, our stunning designs and effective marketing strategies not only helps you stand out but keeps you up to date with current trends, keeping you relevant and ahead of your competitors.

Digital Design Pirates.

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